You need to understand the importance of keeping your communications on your website dynamic. Once the site is up keep thinking about how else you want to communicate, how else you can use this new medium to your advantage. Make sure that your plan and budget include changes.

Imagine if you subscribed to a magazine and in January you received the January issue, then in February you received the January issue, and in March you received the January issue. How long would you keep your subscription? Not that you need to change the whole thing every month, but you do need to stay dynamic.

We specialize in a website design technology that enables our customers to manage the information that is contained on their website themselves. You don’t need to know anything about developing a webpage or any of the other complexities of managing internet information and website content.

If you simply don’t have time to make updates on your own Feral Grafix has several maintenance contract agreements that may suit your needs. Just contact us for more information regarding our site maintenance plans.