Initially, planning a website can be difficult and downright time– consuming – until you finally figure out what it is that you want to present to your visitors. Whether you select Feral Grafix as your web design partner, another web design company or even chose to build your website on your own, these are a few things you will need to do to properly plan your online presence.

Step 1 – Determine what you want your website to do for you by asking yourself questions such as:

Do I simply want to tell the world where I am and what I do?
Do I want to show the world the products / services that I offer?
Do I want to actually sell my products from this website?
Do I want to keep the world informed of company news, projects, events?

Step 2 – Write down a list of topics that you would like to cover on your website.

About Us
Products / Services
Hours of Operation

Step 3 – Expand on each topic. Name the topic something short – these will be the links in your navigation area (e.g. home, about us, etc.). Use a separate sheet of paper for each topic or sub topic.

About Us
Who Are We
Mission Statement
Service Commitment
Our Staff
Products / Services
What We Sell
How We Sell It
Product Catalog

Step 4 – Gather content (text and images) that you would like to appear in each section. The images should be in JPG or GIF format for use on the web and sized appropriately for use on a webpage. The text would be best given in a plain (unformatted) TXT file using the MS Windows NOTEPAD program.

Step 5 – If you do not already have a domain name now would be a good time to select a one, or a few in the event the one you want is already taken. You would then need to check for the name availability, register your domain and select a hoisting service for your future website. Feral Grafix handles all of that for our web design clients.


Having a website outline, your contents, color scheme preferences, graphics, etc. on hand prior to having someone design your website can save you time, money, and frustration.

As a Feral Grafix client you will be supplied with all the tools you need to make the planning process easier. We will provide an easy to follow website outline document to assist you in organizing your website navigation and contents, as well as other tools to assist in domain name selection, and even color scheme and layout selection.