Over the years I have been asked repeatedly by new internet marketers “Why do I need a domain name?” If you are relatively new to this wonderful thing called the internet, understanding why you need your own domain name is crucial to your online success.

Let’s start with a simple a simple example. You’re at a party doing a little networking. You meet a person who shows interest in your pet care business and they ask, “What is your URL?” To which you reply something like, “www.geotown.com/heartland/carlisle/853247/”.

Now my questions to you are, do you really think they remembered that? And if so, do you really think they got the impression that you are operating a serious and reputable business? I doubt it.

Can you fix it? You bet. Buy your own domain for less than $20 a year! Then you can tell them your domain is something like. “www.PreciousPets.com” Doesn’t that sound a lot more professional and easy to remember? Oh, and by having your own domain name you also get your own email address. So now instead of saying, “You can contact me at John070368@blazingmail.com” You can say, “You can contact me at John@PreciousPets.com”

But hang on, there is more. For that $20 per year having your own domain name can also drastically increase your traffic volume. How you ask? Many search engines will only include you in their results if you have your own domain name. This cannot be overlooked. You NEED to be listed in the results of search engines. After all, to get customers, they need to be able to find you!

In conclusion having your own domain name will…

Increase your Professionalism
Make your URL more Memorable
Give you your own Email Address
Help get you listed in the Search Engines
Increase your Traffic levels

I firmly believe that your own domain name is one of the best investments, if not THE best investment, you can make in your site. After all, I doubt 2 cents a day will break anyone’s bank.