Far too often companies use personal, free or ISP based, e-mail addresses to conduct business, totally unaware of the message that doing so sends to potential clients.
When an e-mail address like joeshmoe@aol.com or hotmail.com, yahoo.com, netzero.com, rr.net, etc. is used for company business not only does it simply look unprofessional, but it also;

  • Undermines your company image,
  • Defeats the development of brand identity,
  • Communicates smallness, and
  • Runs a higher risk of never being received.

Did you know that many corporations routinely set up their mail server’s to automatically block incoming mail from hotmail, msn, and yahoo.com e-mail accounts? Free e-mail account services are often used to flood corporate e-mail accounts with spam and e-mails containing virus’. Without knowing it, your important e-mail messages may never be received, simply because the free based e-mail carrier you have chosen to use has been blocked.

A custom e-mail address using your own company’s domain name gives you that professional appearance and promotes brand recognition. You can show your custom e-mail address on your advertising media such as brochures or business cards.

Not only does a custom e-mail address project a more positive image to your customers than a hotmail, yahoo, aol, netzero, swbell, or road runner e-mail account, it can also serve as an incredibly powerful communication tool.

People immediately know what company you work for and customers can contact you through your company e-mail address to ask for information regarding your products, or for assistance, and you can quickly respond to assist them.

If you want a custom e-mail address using your own domain name, such as sales@yourcompanyname.com or johndoe@yourcompanyname.com, you’ve come to the right place.

At Feral Grafix, we offer professional, reliable, and affordable e-mail services to assist you in projecting your company’s professional appearance on the web.

Is the reason you haven’t obtained a custom e-mail package because you are simply “comfortable” using your AOL, hotmail, or yahoo account? We can set you up with a professional-looking e-mail address that automatically forwards your e-mail to the e-mail account that you use now!

Marketing your company on the Web has to do with projecting your company’s image by means of both your Web site and your e-mail messages. Allow us to help you accomplish your internet marketing goals. Call today for more information.